Cricket Swinney

Describe your personality in three words.

Confident, Goal oriented, hard working. 

Have you always been an active person?

Yes! I have been active basically since I was born. I started swimming just about the same time I could walk and then once I could run, my mom put me on the soccer field and that’s where I found my niche. I played soccer my whole life through college and it is what made me so passionate about fitness. I picked up weight lifting in high school and once I learned the ins and outs and how to lift to suit my goals, I never wanted to leave the gym. 

How important is fitness to your daily routine?

Fitness is the most important thing in my daily routine. My life goal is to be the best me possible and going to the gym and lifting weights or doing cardio each day allows me to make heathy strides towards that goal.

Staying healthy and fit is also important because of my lifestyle. I love going to the gym but the days I’m not at the gym I’m hiking, rock climbing, or slack lining.  

What would your advice be to someone in a fitness rut?

Try something new! I get bored quite easily so I completely understand being in a rut. It’s easy to go to the gym and do the same stuff each time but in order to stay enthusiastic you need to switch it up. Instead of going to the gym one day, go on a hike in nature. Instead of running on the treadmill for cardio, do a HIIT workout.

For those people who feel like they’re stuck and aren’t seeing progress, I would urge you to not give up! You just need to continue trying new things, whether it be new workouts or a new diet, until you find what is right for you. Never give up!

How do you stay happy and motivated? 

Progress! Whether I’m seeing progress or not, that’s how I stay motivated. If I think I look better than I did the week before that makes me happy and makes me want to keep improving myself but when I don’t see progress, that’s what motivates me to continue to push myself even harder till I start seeing progress again.

I also have a tremendous amount of help from my husband who is my #1 supporter and motivates me to keep pushing even when I am struggling. 

Tell us an adventurous story about yourself.

As a senior at my university, we all had to write a senior thesis, and for mine, I got the opportunity to travel to Peru to do field research. The only catch was I would have to go alone as my mentor could not accompany me. He set me up with his research center there but I did not speak Spanish so I was a bit worried.

But I traveled to Peru, did my research, and it was the most amazing experience of my life. I explored the amazing Amazon rainforest and I went to the sacred valley and Machu Picchu. I got to experience some of the most historic and most beautiful sites the Earth has to offer along with hands on research that will advance me in future career opportunities. I have never experienced a bigger adventure than that. 

When do you feel at your happiest?

I feel my happiest when I am in nature with my little family. I love the gym but nothing compares to the beauty of mother nature and experiencing that beauty with my husband and my dogs makes my life perfect. 

What are your ambitions for the coming years?

I want to continue my YouTube endeavors in hopes to reach a broader audience of people who have fitness goals of their own in hopes that in some way I can help them achieve those goals.

I also hope to travel the world with my husband and experience the vast beauty of the world. And finally, I will be pushing harder than ever in my own fitness journey in order to reach my personal goals. 

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