Jes Lauren Gibson

When did you fall in love with acting and performing?

From the age of 3 I was going to Ballet, Tap and Modern dance classes which I absolutely loved but I wouldn’t say I was the best at ! As a child I wasn’t satisfied with toys and barbies I just wanted to listen to Kylie Minogue on repeat whilst pretending I was in a music video. (Not much has changed haha) throughout school I was always super involved in the shows and nativities it’s what made school fun for me and then it went from there.

I’d go to drama clubs after school and then I found myself at a college I didn’t love studying courses I didn’t love so I decided to leave with no plan B. My friend Georgia luckily mentioned an audition her Mum had got her for Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts sixth form which was opening that September and she had gotten a place to study dance. I didn’t think I had any sort of chance as I had already missed the auditions and I didn’t think I’d be talented enough to do acting full time. My mum rang them up and as expected they had no places left so late on. An hour or so later we get a phone call and they tell me I have an audition tomorrow. Then that was it I went to the audition I found out I got in and I started the Monday after!

I feel super lucky to have got that opportunity and it was an amazing 2 years. That was when it hit me I did not want to go back to doing anything else Acting was my dream. I now study at the best university in England for acting and I’m having the time of my life growing as an actor everyday. 

Describe your approach to life in three words.

Optimistic, confident, Driven (Optimism is the key to success, you always have to have hope. I’m approaching life with confidence because if I don’t believe in myself then who will hey? And with drive, there is no slacking when it comes to any goal if your not sitting in the drivers seat somebody is going to get to your goal faster than you are.)

When do you feel at your most happiest?

I absolutely love the sun ! When the sun is out there is a smile on my face no matter where I am. But also whenever I am with my family they really boost me up and I know I can rely on them to get my laughing within no time so bring my whole family to a beach and I’m the happiest girl you’ll see. I have to add- of course when I’m performing too there is nothing like that feeling when you walk off stage at the end of a show and you have gave it your all there is no buzz like it.

Tell us your favourite travel experience.

I went to Barbados for my Aunties wedding when I was only around 7, but I remember it being the most beautiful place I have ever seen. Of course we were out there for wedding so everyone was full of love and happiness, two families together making memories we would never forget. Despite how hot I was in my bridesmaid dress I have always said this is now my number 1 destination for when I get married one day. 

What do you value most in a partner?

Someone that is a good listener, nothing makes me happier than when someone remembers my favourite chocolate or movie, it’s the little things ! I can be very fussy with food and drink choices so if you come to me with a 7up instead of a sprite and garlic bread with NO cheese I know you’ve been listening and my heart warms. As you can see the way to my heart is through my mouth haha.

Tell us your wildest party/nightlife story. 

Buckle up this is a crazy one. I worked in Zante, Greece in 2017 I was out there for just over a month (I had to cut my season short due to this story) Id had a long day I worked at Pure Beach Club during the day 4pm- 10/11pm and then I started work at Cherry Bay at midnight. It was a night like any other the strip was busy I was drinking many purple rains and sex on the beaches talking to many tourists having the craziest conversations and getting them into the club.

I was in the best mood because I was going on a boat trip the next day to see the Turtles and I was telling everybody! It got to 5/6am when I finished work and me and my friend Ellie went into the club as it was open for a few more hours ! We were buzzin we couldn’t wait to dance the night away. Of course we got straight on top of the bar we’re having so much fun the music is going offf and then Ellie asks me to come the toilet with her, I tell her I don’t need it and I was having fun but she persisted I join her, so I did. This is where it goes downhill as soon as I enter them toilets I start being sick I’m confused I had been happy and dancing up untill this point.

We finally leave at 8am with nothing left in my body and everyone has left apart from my colleagues cleaning down the bar. Of course I can’t remember where I live because I had moved apartments that day so luckily Ellie takes me to her place and I wake up the next day at 3pm with a million missed calls from my cousin who was also out there and yes I’d missed my boat trip, I didn’t see any turtles that day just my bed! But it doesn’t end there hehe I end up having to go to A&E a week later (and this isn’t my first trip to hospital within the month I was there) and I spend my day on a drip for an hour and 15 minutes and then I get a lovely injection in my bum.

Was it worth it? I’m unsure haha. My colleagues of course found it funny to ask me every day “How was the turtles ?” Haha.

What is the best meal you’ve ever had?

Honestly I went to a restaurant/Bar in Liverpool called Neighbourhood and I have not stopped talking about the Salmon ever since ! I need to get myself back there, i don’t know what it is but that salmon did things to me! I have recommended it to everyone and it even got its own picture on my instagram. (Go spot it)

Where do you want to be in five years time?

People ask me these questions a lot and I always find it tough because I don’t want to predict my future because I want everything to happen naturally but also I’ve no idea ! I think the main thing is I want to be happy. Whatever I’m doing it wherever I am I just want to be being true to myself and enjoying life.

In an ideal world I will be 25 I would have finished university, got myself an agent, maybe moved to Manchester or London, be in a happy relationship, and hopefully be acting in some sort of Netflix series/TV drama/action movie (any of the above) and I guess I wouldn’t mind a ring being put on my finger in 5 years 👀👀.

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