Isa Beljaars

Where does your love for traveling and sense of adventure come from?

My love for traveling and adventure is something I definitely got from my parents. As long as I can remember they’ve been telling me there is nothing more valuable than seeing the world and getting to know different cultures.

Every summer we go on a long trip together to new countries, new continents and I love everything about it. That is why now I am older and able to travel on my own I want to explore as much new places as I can, there is no better feeling.

What is the biggest life lesson you have picked up from traveling?

The biggest life lesson I have picked up from traveling is that it is not the things that happen to you that decide your happiness. It is the way you as a person react to those things happening. Every trip I have ever made, something goes wrong. Stolen phones or cars breaking down. Things you of course don’t plan on, but they happen anyway. It is you who decides what happens after that. I think in life it is the same way.

Tell us about your most special interaction with an animal.

I have always had a great love for all animals but as long as I can remember my favorite animal has always been the leopard.

One day we were on a safari in Botswana, it was already getting dark and we were about to head back to the camp when out of nowhere a leopard appeared right in front of us. It walked towards my side of the car where it stood for a while and I looked it straight in the eye. After it just walked off and that was it. It was such a special moment and I will cherish it for the rest of my life.

Tell us your most cherished travel experience.

There is not really one travel experience that stands out for me above all the others. There is one thing that is always the same in every journey you make to a foreign country, which is meeting new people and getting to know their cultures. That is the thing I cherish most about traveling. Every culture is different, and I believe that you become richer as a person by getting to know new cultures. It can teach you to look at things differently.

Which travel experience is at the top of your bucket list?

On the top of my bucket list is seeing the northern light. As much as I love the beach and a hot climate, there is something special about a landscape covered in snow. I love snow and I haven’t seen that much of it in my life which is why it fascinates me. Besides that, with all the climate changes we are facing at the moment, who knows for how long they will still appear. The northern light is such a beautiful phenomenon and I have always wanted to see it with my own eyes.

Where is your favorite spot to surf?

My favorite spot to surf is Killalea beach in NSW, Australia. It is also called ‘The Farm’. At this beach I learned how to surf. Because of its unique position it has a really consistent surf all through the year and it is surrounded by beautiful nature. Beside the sound of birds and breaking waves you hear nothing.

We would drive up there with our surfboards on the roof of the car, our lunches packed, and we would spend the entire day at the beach with friends. I have made some amazing friends and memories at that beach so that has got to be my favorite surf spot!

Tell us about your passion for photography.

My passion for photography comes from my love for storytelling. I love creating an image, a picture in people’s minds and a photograph is one of things that can do that. A picture can say more than a thousand words. Capturing a moment in time that can be saved forever is what taking a photo is like to me.

If I look at old photos that I’ve taken, I feel exactly what I felt at that time or I’ll remember what I did that day. I love experimenting with colors and lighting for example and I hope to become better and better at photography.

When do you feel most at peace?

I feel most at peace watching a good sunset. First of all, it is absolutely beautiful. A sky filled with all these warm colors. It also reminds me that every day, no matter how bad it was and what has happened, will eventually have an end. It is a moment where I feel some sort of connected to nature and that feeling gives me peace.

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