Jannicke Sæther

What did you love about science and what led you to this field?

I always loved reading biology books when I was little. I did actually study insects and plants for fun in kindergarten. The things I love about science is the process – from being curious, doing an experiment, observing, calculating the raw results to ending up with a conclusion.

I really want to make a change for the good, and I admire the art of handwork in this field. My main subject in science is microbiology. I work with detecting and identifying bacteria, fungus and parasites. 

What was your first ever job? What are your memories of it?

My first job was as a waitress at a cafe in my childhood hometown. I worked there for several years with my mother. I’m not sure, but I guess I was about 11 years old and worked there until I was 13-14.

I started developing extreme social anxiety which lead to many panic anxiety attacks throughout the day and I ended up with having to quit my job. This is why the laboratory is perfect for me, with being mostly alone and listening to music!

What is the strangest experience you’ve ever had at work?

The strangest thing at work happened at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute, where I had my two years of apprenticeship.

I did perform many autopsies on everything from production animals, wild animals, house pets to fish. Once we had a sheep for autopsy. The cadaver had been lying in the sun over several weeks in the summer. When I was about to open the stomach, it exploded with rotten intestines all over our autopsy hall. The decomposition made so much built-up gas inside the sheep, so it collected a huge pressure inside it… that was pretty gross.

We see your adorable pets Circus Ghost the Pomeranian and Conrad the Sphynx on Instagram. Tell us about those two and what they bring to your life.

Conrad is my anxiety reliever. I got him at my worst, and he helped me through a terrible time. He is 3 years old now and has HCM (Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy). This disease is feared among this breed, but he is healthy and shows no mayor sign of feeing any symptoms. Since I always have had dogs, I started missing it again. Conrad was feeling a tad alone, so we decided to finally add a new family member.

While we was in Oslo at a ghost concert, we had agreed with a breeder to meet up there. We brought Circus home, and in the first hour or two, they were already best friends! Conrad seems so happy about his lil’ brother and that brings so much joy for me. That cat definitely deserves living his best last years happy after bringing me up and out of depression.

You worked as a car mechanic in the past. What is your favourite car to drive? And why?

My all time favourite is the amazing Volvo 242 1976 mod. Me and my dad have been working on this baby since I could remember. BUT! My favorite car to drive is the BMW E30 325 ix. It was my “first” car. It was an 1989 mod, and I loved everything about it.  The looks, the engine, the feeling I got driving it for the first time after spending 2 years building it.

I hear you are an avid World Of Warcraft player. Why do you love the game so much?

I’ve always been the weird outcast since kindergarten. So when I was in first grade, my brother introduced me to WoW. I’ve always loved dungeons, dragons, orcs and castles. So WoW became my early escape from reality. I even remember daydreaming at school riding a gryphon home. Haha!

What is your favourite gaming memory?

When I was about 14/15 years old, I bought my first real gaming PC. The game Skyrim: Elder Scrolls V was included.  There, I was sold. I haven’t been playing any games for a year now, but I have almost about 2500 hours in playtime at this game! That’s pretty insane. DRAGONS!

You seem like someone who is always defying expectations. Tell us something else about yourself we might not expect.

Well, even though I love my work in science, love playing my games, hanging out with my pets and building cars, you will most likely see me at Bar Circus, my favourite local bar here in Trondheim. I’m almost here 5 out of 7 days just having a few too many beers and having fun with my friends. (Or alone with my S/O, beer tastes even better then!)